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Built in 2004, the house is a blend of English and French country style with an elegant stairway to the suites for the bridal party and beautiful interiors.  


The grounds consist of 2 acres of manicured lawns, boxwood hedges, flower beds, fountains, architectural elements and paths.

The House

Rosemoor Garden Pergola

The Pergola

The pergola is the centerpiece of the Rose Garden. Reflected by the pond and flanked by boxwood knot gardens filled with Hybrid Tea roses echoing the formal gardens of the Golden Age.

Rosemoor Garden Cremony Site

The Reception Site

The reception site looks west over the Snoqualmie Valley with great sunsets throughout the year. Behind the house, there is a seating area around the lion head fountain and a garden path overlooking the Tolt River Valley with the stunning backdrop of the Cascade Mountains. 

Rosemoor Garden Willow

The Willow

"I am a willow of the wilderness, loving the wind that bent me.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson."

Our willow has grown from a small sapling to a centerpiece and, echoing Emerson's poem, it provides a flowing backdrop to an important part of the gardens as the formality of the rose garden blends into the forested surroundings. In Chinese and Western European folklore, the Willow is a symbol of good luck.

Rosemoor Garden Parterre

The Parterre

The Center Parterre consists of multiple English style flower beds filled with English roses, penstemon, hardy geraniums, delphiniums, coreopsis, salvia, dahlias,hollyhocks, lavender and multiple other flower varieties surrounding an iron gazebo covered in clemantis and honeysuckle. 

Nelliena Events
Nelliena Events

Nelliena Events 

Custom Design Your Lifetime Memories

With over a decade of experience in Weddings, Private and Corporate Events, Nelliena has delivered authentic, captivating and stunning experiences for diverse cultures and communities.

Her background as Samoan, Irish & Finish gives her great insight on a wide variety of cultures and religions. Her family dynamic and experience includes not only the United States but also Fiji, Samoa, Hawaii, and the Caribbean Islands.  

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